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urban public transport in Baranavichy
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Dear visitors! This project is neither official nor unofficial site of Baranavichy Bus Depot OJSC (Bel. — ААТ «Аўтобусны Парк г. Баранавічы»)or any of Baranavichy carriers. Comments and suggestions on the work of urban public transport of Baranavichy city we offer to submit to the appropriate organizations — Baranavichy city executive committee and Baranavichy Bus Depot OJSC. Read more…

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MAZ 215

The rolling Stock of Baranavichy Bus Depot OJSC was replenished by 2 flagships of MAZ city buses line on New Year’s Eve.

The bus was first introduced in 2011. The brand new model then attracted the attention by the length and the number of doors. The overall length of the bus is the maximum allowed 18,75 m., and the number of doors — 5 (instead of 4 in the traditional “bellows”). Since Baranavichy still had no deliveries of second generation buses (2 MAZ 206, used in the suburbs, do not count), the supply of 2 modern articulated buses can be attributed to the fact, that the production of earlier purchased MAZ 105 apparently ceased.

The tender post for 2 buses appeared on the site of public procurement on November 18 this year. December 30, 2014 yellow buses arrived on the territory of the bus depot.

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“the real chronicle of public transport in Baranavichy which contains many inetersting facts appeared”
Intex-Press, Jule 5, 2007

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