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Types of caravan towing mirrors

caravan towing mirrorsWhile some caravan doesn’t require towing mirrors, many do. It is a legal requirement that every car/caravan should have at least two mirrors. Things get tough when it comes to towing. Maybe your vehicle is wider than the unit you are towing. It is your obligation to buy and install towing mirrors. most people think that just because they are using a 4 by 4 vehicle, they don’t require the towing mirrors.such a mistake can cost you more than the price of towing mirrors. A good set of mirrors should give you a good service on your towing life. It is therefore a good idea to purchase towing mirrors designed for a wide range of towing vehicles as possible. Here is a list of the best caravan towing mirrors.

The “e”

Before buying the towing mirrors you should look for an “e” marking. This is to make sure that they meet the European or international regulations. The markings can be found on the mirror’s casing. For instance, a lower case “e” marking means that the mirrors meet the European standards while the E marking signifies the international standards.However, the mirrors can have both markings of which it is still okay.

The Aero 3

These are the UK bestselling towing mirrors. They were introduced in 2007. They fit almost every towing vehicle including the marques such as BMW X3 &5. They are also improved to reduce vibrations even at high speeds. Additionally, they come in different formats; flat or convex, and wide enough even for the widest caravans.

MGI towing mirrors

The mirrors are a brand of Milenco, a market leader. They are occasioned for limited towing. They come with flat or convex formats. They are available in XL sizes and just like all the Milenco mirrors, the spares are available. Also, they come with a storage bag and a safety glass.

RCT 1420

Having a convex mirror gives you a wide area of vision. The ring clear view mirrors aren’t too heavy and they have an adjustable strap which offer stability. In addition, the mirror has a blind spot on its outer edge.

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