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urban public transport in Baranavichy
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RAF minibus — share taxi, approximately 1985

this can be one of RAF minibuses in Baranavichy — the share taxi, the second part of 80th

the Yugoslavian small buses TAM were used as the share taxi till 2007

the ticket from 2007

one of the first minibuses Gazelle in Baranavichy

Gazelle with the high roof

Gazelle with the low roof

the private Mercedes minibus on the suburban route

Share taxis

The history of the share taxis in Baranavichy began in 1970, when the minibus “Latvia” was tested on the city routes; 10 days it was running on the one route, then on the other. On the May,5 1982 the traffic of share taxis began in the city again on the route No. 1: “Palyeski (Polesia) railway station — Tratsiaki”, the fare was 20 kopecks. This route was operated by the RAF minibuses belonging to the taxi company. Until the USSR breakdown there were eight share taxi routes in the city.

In the changing years of the 80th to the 90th the minibuses disappeared from the city streets. The second attempt was made in the middle of the 90th, when two Isuzu Midi minibuses started running on the “eight” bus route. Unfortunately the attempt failed. Only in the end of the 90th the share taxis started slowly appearing on the streets of Baranavichy. The vehicles were the worn-out minibuses Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Mercedes-Benz T1, Mercedes-Benz O309, Peugeot Boxer AT, ZiL Bychok, Volkswagen LT35. Some routes were operated even by the buses PAZ 672M, PAZ 32053-07, PAZ 4234 and MAZ 256. But the most mass minibus and the distinctive symbol of share taxi in Baranavichy of the first decade od XXI century was yellow “Gazelle”.

The fare, which was not much bigger than the fare in the city bus, and the speed — this two factors were often convincing for the passengers. The bad technical condition of some minibuses, the body of which shuttered, and the low head — this two shortcomings were compensated by the comparative speed. There were no mass violations of the traffic laws; the lack of traffic jams and the unhurried speed of the traffic at the narrow streets of Baranavichy didn’t provoke the drivers. But the counting of the odd money and giving the tickets during the moving was the usual thing.

At the beginning of 2000th, Bus Depot No. 2 didn’t want to give up such good part of carrying of passengers by minibuses for private entrepreneurs, which began gradually filling in the streets with their minibuses, and bought some minibuses “Gazelle”. This was well-timed decision. In the very beginning the interesting marketing move was made — if the passenger had the monthly bus ticket, the fare for him in the minibus of Bus Depot No. 2 was the half of the normal fare. Later even with the normal fare the passengers din’t differ the share taxi and travelled by the private and by those from Bus Depot No. 2. Moreover, beginning from 2006 the Bus Depot no. 2 used on some its routes not usual minibuses. It used the buses PAZ 4234 and MAZ 256.

There were no clear division of the routes between Bus Depot No. 2 and the private carriers at that time. The difference was only one. The Bus Depot no. 2 being the municipal carrier tried to achieve the social aims, often with the less profit, by operating the routes, which connected medical facilities (the dispensary on the Slonim highway) and the areas with no bus routes (the area of Fyestivalnaya street, the suburban cottage area near the autodrome). The private entrepreneurs were guided by the rules of the market economy and operated the most busy and profitable routes. During one of the session of the city executive committee in 2007 it was said, that during two years the tenders for the organization of carrying of passengers on the new routes didn’t interested the private carriers.

Comparing Baranavichy with the other cities of the country one can say, that the share taxi in our city isn’t so widespread as, for example, in Brest (to compare: in 2007 there were 396 share taxi minibuses in Brest, when in Baranavichy there were only 23 of them). The first reason, which comes to the head is stabilized and sure service of the city buses even in the worst moments of the post-soviet transformation of the country. Bus routes in Baranavichy connect residential and cottage areas with the center of the city, industrial enterprises, university facilities, markets and railway and bus stations, making the biggest part of carriage of passengers. But this fact didn’t interfere with the existence of the share taxis, that belonged to the monopolist of the bus carriage (Bus Depot no. 2) and several private carriers.

In 2010, the main part of transport by share taxi according to the tradition held private carriers. So, for example, in March 2010 minibuses of bus depot were only serving three routes: no. 21 “The Bus Depot — Tratsyaki”, no. 35 “Parkavaya (Park) str. — Tratsyaki” and no. 8, duplicating bus route no. 8. Besides the bus fleet provided additional share taxis on weekends for the transport of people to the Central market.

At the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, city transport by share taxis fell into disrepair, and the lines were closed one after the other. Only in September 2014, a share taxi line was launched in Baranavichy, which connected the Barauki residential area with the city center and Baranavichy-Palyeskiya railway station. On September 1, 4 minibuses were launched by Piteravtotrans ltd.

2015 — share taxi of Piteravtotrans ltd., photo of Iryna Sasnina (“Nash Kraj” newspaper)

Until the end of 2017 in the city there were two carriers, whose minibuses were plying as share taxis: Piteravtotrans Ltd. and JSC Bus Depot no. 2, who turned his attention to this segment of transportation. And if the first experienced all sorts of problems (complaints, violations, fines), the second almost re-created the fleet of minibuses: transferred the existing VW Crafter to a detachment of urban transport and purchased 7 new minibuses. On September 1, 2017 the first 3, and then, on November 1, 2017, 4 more minibuses Luidor 223236 (Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 411CDI) arrived at the bus depot.

November 1, 2017 — minibuses Luidor 223236 (Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 411CDI), photo of Dzmitry Karachun

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