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the founder of Baranavichy earl Rozwadowski

the building of BNSELC — one of the oldest in the city

commemorative plates on the old buildings in downtown

the first brick building in Baranavichy — built in 1871

the building of National Bank

the only remaining building of the former bureaucratic village

the first eight-floor building in Baranavichy

the Haryzont (Horizon) hotel

the new TV-tower

Baranavichy bird's-eye view

Baranavichy — the satellite photo (the source — Google Earth)


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1. General information

The city of Baranavichy is a large industrial, educational and cultural center on the west of the country, a large railway junction connecting Minsk, Brest, Hrodna, Slutsk, Lida, Luninets. The city is situated on the plain of the same name (the difference of the altitudes doesn’t exceed 20 m — from 180 m to 200 m above sea level) in the interfluves of the Schara and it’s tributary the Myshanka. It is situated almost at the straight line connecting regional center Brest (193 km) and Minsk (139 km) the capital of the republic. This characterizes the geographical position of the city that is the huge junction of the major rail and motor-car roads, as very advantageous. The length of the city is 7 km from west to east and from north to south; and also the city is a bit elongated (for 8,5 km) from south-west (from Brestskaya str.) to north-east (to Fabrichnaya str.) and is compressed (6,3 km) from north (Savietski avenue) to south-east (Fraliankova str.).

Coordinates of the city — longitude 26°00' East and latitude 53°07' North. The north point of the city — Karolik street to the north of the Automated Lines Plant — latitude 53°10' North, the south — Uznohi willage, latitude 53°06' North. The west point is situated in Badaka street area — longitude 25°57' East, the east point — in the area of intersection Jahorava and Kashtanavaya streets — longitude 26°04' East. The geometric center of the city — the Lenin square. There are almost 500 streets and alleys in the city in total of overall length of 252,8 km, of which well-equipped — 129,8 km, illuminated — 240 km. Currently the city of Baranavichy occupies the area of 50,22 km2 (2011) with the density of population 3136 people per 1 km2 (2010). The number of city residents — 169 240 (2010, 8th place in the coutry), metropolitan area residents — 190 000 (2010). The national structure is dominated by Belarusians, they make 82,17 % in the total number of residents. Russians — 9,73 %, Poles — 2,47 %, Ukrainians — 1,59 %, others — 4,04 %.

2. Planning structure

The apartment block makes the half of the city area. The city from the northeast to southwest and from northwest to southeast is crossed by railway lines Minsk—Brest and Lida—Luninets. This makes four separated planning areas — the central, the eastern, the northern and the northeastern. There are two overpasses (in Savyetskaya and Baranava streets) above the railway lines. Due to the fact, that the other main transport arteries of the city do not have overpasses, the direct communication between separate areas substantially involves difficulties.

The rectangular mesh with the little blocks of cottage development is individual for the historically formed planning structure of the central planning area. Along the big central streets Brestskaya, Savyetskaya, Kamsamolskaya and Lenina the capital development was formed. The residential communities were formed in the south part of the area along Savetskaya, Prytytskaga, 50 let VLKSM streets. The main objects of administrative, public and community purpose are placed in the center of the city along Lenina, Savyetskaya, Kamsamolskaya streets. The most important industrial enterprises of this planning area are the motor unit works, the plant of trading equipment construction, the milk plant, the bread-baking plant.

In the eastern part of the city the dominating cottage development doesn’t have the clear system of the streets. The main streets: Telmana and Kirava. The railway station Baranavichy-Palesskiya and the bus station are placed in the area. The capital development was formed near one of the enterprises forming a company town in the past — the cotton mills. Besides this enterprise in the area are placed the plant of concrete products, the experimental-mechanical plant, the the automated lines plant, the plant of sanitary and electrical half-finished products, the integrated works of reinforced concrete structures and haylage towers.

In the northern area of the city territorially dominates the cottage development. In connection with construction the micro district “Paunochny” the percentage of the capital development increased. The main streets of this area are Savyetski avenue, Nakanyechnikava, Vilchkouskaha, Pralyetarskaya streets. The railway station Baranavichy-Tsentralnyya is placed in this planning area. The most considerable enterprises are the machine-tool plant AO “Atlant”, the plant of machine-tool accessories, the plant of concrete parts of construction trust No. 25, the heat and power plant (heat station). In the western part of the area along the branch railway Baranavichy—Lida the industrial-warehouse zone “Barautsy” was formed.

The first general layout of the city’s development was worked out in 1950. According to it the postwar construction was realized. Lately the second general layout of the city was worked out by the “Byelgosproyekt” institute in 1964–1966 and was approved by the Decree of the Council of Ministers of BSSR No. 36 from February 16, 1967. The correction of the general layout was made in 1975–1978 by the “ByelNIIPgradostroityelstva” institute, and it was approved by the Decree of the Council of Ministers of BSSR No. 270 from September 7, 1978. In 1982 the “The scheme of placement and development of urban and village settlements of Byelorussian SSR till 2000” was worked out, in which the parameters of development of small and middle towns of BSSR (including Baranavichy) with forming the uniform system of settlement of Byelorussian SSR were given. This work gave the common general parameters of development without detailing. The change of socio-economic conditions of life in the beginning of the 90-th in the country and in the city radically changed the urban conception ant the structure of the construction engineering. The city practically exceeded the parameters of development, which were described by the general layout of 1978, it exhausted the territory resources and the general layout went out of date in all positions. In May 1996 the contract between Baranavichy city executive commitee and “ByelNIIPgradostroityelstva” was set up concerning making a correction of general layout of 1978. In 1999 the correction of general layout was examined by the Board of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Belarus. Currently the general layout of development of the city of Baranavichy is in force. It was approved by the Decree of the Council of Ministers of Belarus from December 8, 2004 No. 1557.

3. Industry

Baranovichi justifiably referred to as a major industrial center in the country. The city has four dozen enterprises of mechanical engineering and machine tools construction, construction industry, light and food industries that supply their products not only for the domestic market but also in a number of CIS countries, the European Union and further afield.

The main enterprises of engineering:
• 558 Aircraft Repair Plant (Rus. — ОАО «558 Авиационный ремонтный завод») makes repairs and modernization of military aircrafts MiG-29, Su-27, Su-25, Su-22, An-2, helicopters Mi-8 (Mi-17, Mi-171) and Mi-24 (Mi-35), engineers and manufactures radio protection equipment; webpage — http://www.558arp.by/;
• Baranavichy Machine Tool Plant Atlant (Rus. — Барановичский станкостроительный завод ЗАО «Атлант») manufactures compressors for Minsk Refrigerator Plant, electric kettles, equipment for the plastics processing, special technological equipment (including for the production of household appliances), welded steel structures, stampings and forgings; production of the plant is supplied into the country and abroad; webpage — http://www.bsz.atlant.by/;
• Baranavichy Auto Aggregate Plant (Rus. — ОАО «Барановичский автоагрегатный завод») manufactures components and mechanisms used in the manufacture of trucks, buses and tractors; production of the plant is supplied on conveyors of MAZ, GAZ, Likinskiy Avtobus, Pavlovskiy Avtobus, KamAZ, MAZK, ByelAZ, Avtomobilny zavod Ural, Volzhanin; webpage — http://baaz.by/;
• Baranavichy Automatic Lines Plant (Rus. — РУПП «Барановичский завод автоматических линий»), being in subjection of Belarusian Railway, manufactures metal cutting machine tools, automatic lines, and also supplies original equipment for the reconstruction of locomotive and wagon depot; the major customers of BALP are Belarusian Railway, Russian Railway, Ulyanovskiy avtomobilny Zavod, KamAZ, AvtoVAZ, Avtodizyel, Zavolzhsky motorny zavod, Minskiy avtomobilny zavod, Minskiy motory zavod, Uralvagonzavod, Dnyeprotyazhmash; webpage — http://bzal.by/;
• Baranavichy Machine Tool Plant (Rus. — ОАО «Барановичский завод станкопринадлежностей») manufactures machine tool snap: vices, lathe chucks, pneumatic cylinders, electromagnetic clamping heads, turntables; webpage — http://bzsp.by/;
• Baranavichy Plant of Commercial Engineering (Rus. — ОАО «Барановичский завод торгового машиностроения») manufactures wide range of machinery and equipment for enterprises of public catering and trade; webpage — http://beltorgmash.com/.

The biggest enterprise of chemical industry in the city is:
• Household Chemical Plant Barhim (Rus. — Завод бытовой химии ОАО «Бархим») — the biggest in Belarus manufacturer of washing powders, liquid detergents, scouring, bleaching, sanitary detergents, adhesives for wallpapers, dishwashing liquids, cleaning paste for hands, liquid soap, auto shampoos; webpage — http://www.barhim.by/.

Enterprises of the construction industry are:
• Plant of Construction Details and Structures (Rus. — Завод строительных деталей и конструкций) manufactures window and balcony blocks, inside and exterior door units, molded products (windowsills, battens, jambs, baseboards, handrails, sheathings), lumber, wooden unimpregnated sleepers for railways;
• Reinforced Concrete Products Plant (Rus. — ОАО «Завод железобетонных изделий») specializes in the manufacture of precast reinforced concrete with the serial nature of production; webpage — http://www.jbi.by/;
• Baranavichy Reinforced Concrete Structures Plant (Rus. — ОАО «Барановичский комбинат железобетонных конструкций») manufactures a wide range of precast reinforced concrete, structures for industrial and residential construction, as well as for individual developers; webpage — http://zhelezobeton.by/;
• Building Trust no. 25 (Rus. — ОАО «Стройтрест № 25»); webpage — http://www.st25.by/.

Timber industry is widely represented in the city. The main enterprise:
• Baranovichidryev (Rus. — ОАО «Барановичидрев»); webpage — http://bardrev.by/.

Products of Baranavichy furniture enterprises are well known in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan:
• Yavid (Rus. — УПП «Явид»); webpage — http://yavid.by/;
• Laguna (Rus. — УП «Мебельная фабрика «Лагуна»); webpage — http://www.laguna.by/.

Production of several Baranavichy food enterprises is in demand both in the region and in the capital and other areas of the country:
• Baranavichy Food Products Plant (Rus. — ОАО «Барановичский комбинат пищевых продуктов») manufactures soft drinks, fuit and vegetable preserves, concentrated juices, coffee drinks and other food products; webpage — http://bkpp.by/;
• Baranavichy Milk Plant (Rus. — ОАО «Барановичский молочный комбинат»), known in the country under the brand name ”Ranitsa” (Bel. — «Раніца»), produces more than 120 kinds of different assortment of dairy products, first of all milk, smetana (sour cream), kefir, yogurts, melted, so called sausage and normal cheese, butter, ice cream, mayonnaise, dry milk products, milk substitutes; webpage — http://www.ranitsamilk.by/;
• Meat-Packing Plant (Rus. — Мясоконсервный комбинат) — one of the oldest meat-processing plants in the country, founded in 1927;
• BARANOVICHKHLEBOPRODUKT (Rus. — ОАО «БАРАНОВИЧХЛЕБОПРОДУКТ») manufactures bakery products and confectionery, and also flour under the well-known brand ”Haspadar” (Bel. — «Гаспадар»); webpage — http://gaspadar.by/;
• Mill Plant (Rus. — Мельничный комбинат).

Light industry is widely presented in Baranavichy:
• Baranavichy Coton Production Association (Rus. — Барановичское производственное хлопчатобумажное объединение) manufactures cotton and mixed fabrics, bed linen, souvenirs, cotton and blended yarn, special clothing, medical products, gauze and dressings;
• Baranavichy Garment Factory (Rus. — ОАО «Барановичская швейная фабрика») — manufacturer of clothing for children of all ages, as well as women's and men's clothing; webpage — http://www.bshf.by/;
• Knitting Factory (Rus. — Трикотажная фабрика);
• Shoe Factory (Rus. — Обувная фабрика) manufactures women's model and casual footwear of natural leather.

4. Transport

Since the city is located on the crossroads of major railroads and highways, it is quite natural that there exist a number of companies providing transportation services.

Without exaggeration, the main enterprise is:
• Baranavichy Branch of the Belarusian Railways (Rus. — УП «Барановичское отделение Белорусской железной дороги»); webpage of Belarusian Railways — http://www.rw.by/.
It consists of 60 operating stations, including major railway junctions: Baranavichy, Grodno, Luninets, Vawkavysk, Lida. The branch borders with three neighboring states (Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland), reception and delivery of goods is carried out at five border crossings, including Svislach and Bruzhi, where different loads are transferred from the wagons of Western European rail gauge 1435 mm to 1520 mm wagons and back.

In the city there are also companies providing services in freight and passenger road transport. The main ones are:
• Trucking Company no. 4 (Rus. — ОАО «Грузовой автомобильный парк № 4»);
• Baranavichy Bus Depot (Rus. — ОАО «Автобусный парк г. Барановичи»).

5. Twin cities

• Heynola — Finland; September 7, 1979, http://www.heinola.fi/
• Stockerau — Austria; August 17, 1989, http://www.stockerau.gv.at/
• Gdynia — Poland; February 6, 1993, http://www.gdynia.pl/
• Chibi — China; October 29, 1997, http://www.chibi.gov.cn/
• Ferrara — Italy; March 25, 1998, http://www.comune.ferrara.it/
• Vasilyevsky Island district of St. Petersburg — Russia; May 12, 1998, http://gov.spb.ru/
• Karlovo — Bulgaria; May 29, 1999, http://www.karlovobg.eu/
• Mytishchinsky district — Russia; November 3, 2000, http://www.mytyshi.ru/
• Biała Podlaska — Poland; May 16, 2001, http://www.bialapodlaska.pl/
• Šiauliai — Lithuania; May 27, 2001, http://www.siauliai.lt/
• Kineshma — Russia; June 2002, http://www.admkineshma.ru/
• Novovolynsk — Ukraine; May 25, 2003, http://www.novovolynsk-rada.gov.ua/
• Jelgava — Latvia; June 6, 2003, http://www.jelgava.lv/
• Nacka — Sweden, October 15, 2005, http://www.nacka.se/
• Solntsevsky district of Moscow — Russia; 2007, http://solncevo.zao.mos.ru/
• Konyaalti — Turkey; 2007, http://www.konyaalti.gov.tr/
• Huế — Vietnam; 2007, http://www.huecity.gov.vn/
• Kaliningrad — Russia; 2007, http://www.klgd.ru/
• Tyresö — Sweden; 2007 г., http://www.tyreso.se/
• Sulęcin county — Poland; 2009, http://www.powiatsulecinski.pl/
• Poltava — Ukraine; 2010, http://www.rada-poltava.gov.ua/

Baranavichy is clean and snug city, but, despite this fact, some officials say that it’s a vivid example of how the town can’t be built. Unfortunately there is truth in their words. Baranavichy is one of the biggest industrial centers of the Republic, but there is a subject for pity, almost all enterprises (near 40) are located inside the city. They are situated in neighborhood of living districts — houses, educational establishments, etc. For example, many years ago, there was an effort to move the meat-packing plant away, but it was just before the USSR had been destroyed, and after this the government couldn’t find money to continue the project. So still there is a close cohabitation between the plant and the Foreign Languages Faculty of the University.

It seems that Baranovichy enlarging in the way mushrooms appear after the rain. Firstly, all enterprises are built outside and further the city develops and surrounds those enterprises. In fact only machine-tool plant is far from living area, it’s hardly even seen from old Kobryn-Staubtsy road, which is the north border of the city. The relatively clean area is east one which includes only the Bus and Automobile Parks.

The step to the solution of the ecological problem in our town may be at least two trolleybus lines. It was planned as far back as 1978, but, as it has been said earlier, after they destroyed the USSR, there was a hole in the budget and lack of money even for more essential spheres. At the beginning of the 21st century the republic’s government signed the program of organizing the trolleybus route system in the cities, the population of which is over 100000. Baranavichy is the largest one of those, which still doesn’t have such system.

Until the Baranavichy State University in 2005 was established, there were only few branches of Minsk high educational establishments and Baranavichy State Higher Pedagogic College. The creation of University was caused by plan of development the academic sphere and scientific potential in the region.

Near Baranavichy one can find a lot of attractive historical monuments and amazing places. They are castles in Mir and Nyasvizh and ruins of one more in Navahrudak, lake Svitsyaz and Mickiewicz museum Zavosse. Many monuments and outstanding places are in the city itself: the monument to Mother’s Sorrow and memorial Urochyshcha Haj at the place where 3000 citizens of Chechoslovakia were shot by germans during the World War II, the monument with everlasting fire dedicated to Liberators. And also St.-Pakrousky Cathedral where you can see very beautiful frescos, which were created for Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Warsaw at the beginning of 20th century and then brought to Baranavichy before the Cathedral was blowed up. Here also a monument dedicated to 2000 anniversary of Christianity, a new monument to a sparrow, some buildings date back to 19th — the beginning of 20th century.


...is the birthplace of such famous people as Adam Mickiewicz, Yan Chachot, Valyantsin Taulay, Paulyuk Baghrym, twice Hero of the Soviet Union S. I. Hrytsaviets, Heroes of the Soviet Union I. K. Kabushkin, G. N. Khalastsyakou and some other outstanding figures;

...has about 40 industrial enterprises;
     • “Atlant” machine-tool plant
     • The plant of the aircraft repair
     • The plant of household chemical goods
     • Baranavichy cotton mills “Blakit”
     • The motor unit works
     • The plant of trading equipment construction
     • The plant of machine-tool accesories
     • The plant of automated lines;

...has 7 large transport enterprises, one of them is Baranavichy’s Department of Belarusian Railways;

...has the 1st in Belarus and one of the largest in Europe railway museum under the sky;

...has 48 preschool establishments, 24 comprehensive schools, 5 gymnasiums, 1 lyceum, 5 art schools, a University, 8 libraries;

...has 11 sport schools, 4 of them are the schools of Olympic reserve;

...has 6 tennis fields;

...has over 100 buses daily serve citizens.

The city is rising gradually into a large regional center, that attracts the citizens from the small towns of the Brest and adjacent regions (Slonim, Nyasvizh, Navahrudak, Ivatsevichy, Hantsavichy and some others), that come here shopping in goods- and auto-markets, pavilions and shops. Some of them come in order to visit concerts, exhibitions and cinema-halls. Baranavichy even was the center of the region till the 1953. Certainly, Baranavichy cannot give its citizens the same conditions and means as Minsk and the regional centers do, however one can’t but notice the advantages of living in the town of an average size such as Baranavichy. The city with the developed industry, which is situated on the crossroad of the transport ways, has great prospects of further development. During some decades of its existence a small railway station turned into a large industry city and railway junction. A lot of Belarusian towns with the history lasted even for centuries are disolated and god-forsaken now. Baranavichy is a young Belarusian city; it celebrates the 140 years anniversary in 2011.

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